is the platform creating an authentic 3D map of our planet. demonstrates enhancements to virtual environments at scale on NVIDIA
DRIVE Sim platform

October 5, 2020 – Graz, Austria. announced today that it is working with NVIDIA to enhance simulation environments used for testing autonomous vehicles. has developed a digital twin platform that uses AI and cloud computing to automatically transform input such as satellite data, aerial images or map and sensor data into building and landscape assets that contribute to a photorealistic 3D environment

Full press release here partners with Microsoft in creating a digital twin of the earth for the new Flight Simulator.

August 7th, 2020 – Redmond, Washington, United States I Graz, Austria. Microsoft is proudly announcing a key technology partner in the development of its upcoming Flight Simulator., headquartered in Graz, Austria, contributes to the game with a unique Artificial Intelligence solution to extract precise information from Satellite Imagery, and helping in reconstructing a photorealistic digital twin of the planet, enabling players to find and fly over their homes.

Full press release here

With a team of 50+ AI specialists, geospatial engineers, data scientists, and real-time rendering developers, developed a unique solution that uses the Microsoft Azure Cloud and Artificial Intelligence to gain insights about our planet based on aerial data. A deep learning neural network segments and classifies buildings, vegetation and roads globally, and a patent-pending approach is used to reconstruct detected building attributes in highly detailed 3D. The outcome has an incredible level of detail, distinctive design and recognition value, and can be streamed by the player in real-time.

Creating an authentic 3D map of our planet provides powerful insights into the world by extracting information from satellite imagery fully automatically.

A scalable artificial intelligence builds the core of the blackshark platform, detecting features with incredible precision and speed.

A novel machine learning approach was developed to train a neural network for new features rapidly, enabling to serve various use cases in many different industries.

A patented reconstruction technology allows streaming and rendering of detected 3D features in unmatched visual quality containing material properties and other semantic features. technology is already in use by customers in various industries, ranging from autonomous driving to mapping/navigation, location intelligence, earth observation, geospatial industries, insurance, agro-tech and many more.

We are on a mission to answer questions such as:

  • Rapid automated 3D reconstruction of any given POI
  • How many solar panels are installed in India?
  • How many tents does a certain refugee camp have?
  • How many cars are parked in a specific parking lot?

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