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We generate a real-time accurate semantic photorealistic 3D digital twin of the entire planet.

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The geospatial platform extracts insights about the planet’s infrastructure from current satellite and aerial imagery via machine learning at global scale. Missing attributes are enriched by AI to provide a photorealistic, geo-typical, or asset specific digital twin. Results can be used for visualization, simulation, mapping,  mixed reality environments, and other enterprise solutions. Massive cloud-computing capability enables rapid updates at any time.


Globe Data
Input Sources

We provide, ingest, and process a variety of satellite, aerial, DEM, and geospatial data at global scale.

No Code Data

Patented solution offers anyone rapid ML training using a novel and highly efficient approach.

at Scale

Powerful and flexible neural network detects and extracts features accurately and rapidly.

3D Semantic

3D digital twin provides accurate geo-referenced database of planet surface infrastructure.


Realistic synthetic simulation environments in 3D, including terrain, buildings, vegetation, and more.


ORCA™HUNTR gives customers the unique power to identify any object on the Earth’s surface with unprecedented ease and precision. It is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence tool designed to deliver rapid and accurate results without coding experience. 


BLACKSHARK.AI SYNTH3D SYNTH3D is a synthetic, realistic 3D replica of the surface of our planet with semantic information derived from 2D satellite and aerial imagery. The data gets streamed from servers and is rendered into a realistic environment at runtime. It contains terrain elevation, buildings, vegetation coverage, and infrastructure. SYNTH3D includes the entire globe – every country, city, building, and detail is represented in a region–specific, geo-typical way. 

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The World of Flight Simulator

Blackshark’s AI-driven technology enabled Microsoft’s Flight Simulator to display the surface of the entire planet in 3D – with over 1.5 billion photorealistic buildings – giving users an unprecedented immersive 3D flight experience and the largest open-world in the history of video games.

This technology is now available for professional flight simulation and image generator solutions.

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Semantic and Synthetic 3D Environments

Our planetary scale platform turns current satellite, aerial and geospatial data into a semantic, machine-readable database and photorealistic synthetic 3D environments for simulation, visualization, and wider industrial and enterprise applications.

Blackshark Synthetic Environment

Synthetic 3D Globe

The entire planet is provided as photorealistic, high-performant and up-to-date digital 3D globe — typically used for flight simulators and image generators, for pilot training and sensor simulation.’s synthetic 3D Globe includes DEM, terrain texture, buildings, vegetation, various vector layers — even Digital Airports. Existing synthetic simulation environments and render engines are supported with standard export formats.

Global streaming technology supports modern render engines such as Unreal Engine or Unity. Synthesized procedural terrain textures and building generation delivers the entire globe 100% offline — providing a unique network-free high-res training environment. Our synthetic data also contains semantic metadata and material classifications ideal for physical sensor simulation.


UAV and eVTOL Training


Synthetic Movie Backgrounds


Imagery derived Synthetic Environments


Global Multi-Domain Training


Smart City Visualization


UAV Training

Digital Airports

Specialized Airport Generator technology recreates any airport on the globe – up to level D quality. Procedural technology offers photorealism down to the smallest details, without performance loss. Machine learning applied to the most current satellite imagery keeps each airport up-to-date. Digital Airports include runways, taxiways, airport lights, airport buildings, hangars, airport towers, obstacles and much more. The Digital Airports are provided as either static 3D models or as a procedural and semantic version – allowing night scene and weather simulations, as well as sensor simulation.

Synthetic Training Data

The Training Scene Generator provides you with regionally specific, geo-referenced, synthetic training images in high variety and quantity. The images include all necessary annotations for direct ML-ops integration and instant neural network training. A highly performant procedural tech-stack allows real-time rendering and hardware-in-the-loop integration at high framerates.

Built-in material classification can simulate any sensor type at any altitude – from ground level up to space. Efficiently train your machine learning around AV edge cases, UAV geo-intelligence, or remote sensing.


AV Training Scenarios


Synthetic ML Training Images


Drone Delivery Training


Synthetic ML Object Detection


Insurance Risk Analysis


Accurate semantic volumes


Urban Planning

Semantic 3D City Models

In addition to our geospatial analytics services, we also offer the results as WGS84 georeferenced 3D vector maps extracted from satellite or aerial imagery provided by our data partners. global 3D maps consist of global buildings (with accurate heights), global vegetation coverage, and much more. Our HD 3D city models include highly detailed building volumes, footprint splits, rooftop reconstruction, and tree positions.

Automated updates ensure the most recent data for applications in urban planning, mapping, AEC, finance, insurance, mixed reality, and the metaverse.


City Planning


Vegetation Management


Cadastral Registration


Object and Change Detection


No-Code Labeling

Multi-Class Object Labeling and Training


Large Scale Change Detection

Geospatial Analytics’s sophisticated, AI-based  service – called Orca – detects objects and extracts attributes about buildings, vegetation, roads, infrastructure, or other features of your interest.

The fully automated solution provides rapid, accurate, and global-scale updates based on fresh satellite and aerial imagery provided by our partners – or bring your own input data.

Large-scale geo-intelligence enables change detection for efficient 3D mapping services, risk analysis, telecom signal propagation planning, or disaster relief planning. Easy access to the Orca service is provided via Microsoft Azure.

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