BLACKSHARK.AI FOR UNREAL ENGINE for Unreal provides a realistic, georeferenced, real-world 3D environment of the entire Earth derived from current satellite and aerial imagery. Highly realistic scenarios can easily be integrated into your entertainment, training, simulation, gaming and visualization applications and be combined with additional georeferenced data and functionality.

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The Globe Plugin for Unreal is for free and is streaming in SYNTH3D data and unfolds it to highly realistic, performant 3D environments on the client device. It enables everyone to easily combine it with other Unreal Engine plugins or with your own 3D assets, data layers and to build geospatial applications with it. The plugin includes many useful functionalities and provides access to data points and handles. For further details please check out the Plugin and SDK documentation.

Functionality overview

  • Streaming of terrain elevation model and terrain texture tiles in different LODs
  • Streaming of SYNTH3D building data and vegetation coverage
  • New Orleans SYNTH3D sample data included (2,5 x 2,5 km)
  • 3D reconstruction and rendering of the entire 3D environment at runtime
  • Easy conflation or replacement with own data layers or 3D building models
  • WGS84 referenced the globe system

Brooklyn, NYC



Pisa, Italy



Paris, France



Paris, France



Paris, France SYNTH3D material attributes


SJC Airport, USA



SFO Airport, USA

in SYNTH3D SYNTH3D data SYNTH3D is a synthetic, realistic 3D replica of the surface of our planet with semantic information derived from 2D satellite and aerial imagery. The data gets streamed from servers and is rendered into the realistic environment at runtime. It contains the terrain elevation, buildings, vegetation coverage and infrastructure. SYNTH3D includes the entire globe – every country, city, building, and detail is represented a in region-specific, geo-typical way. Semantic information, metadata, and material attributes of all objects are embedded – making it ready for simulation. The efficient data format can be used to stream the entire globe as a synthetic environment for multiple massive applications or be used to store the entire globe for offline applications.

SYNTH3D Data Overview

  • Any single location or the entire globe available on request
  • Terrain elevation data included
  • Metadata and material attributes embedded
  • Vectorized model ready for physical simulation
  • Entire globe for offline use or massive multiplayer applications
  • 1.5B buildings and over 30Mkm2 vegetation coverage included

Request Access to SYNTH3D Data

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Sample Demo Beta Access

We are very sorry that we can’t make our Globe plugin publicly available yet. We still need to refine it a bit before it’s ready for everyone. After you register here, you will be redirected to a download page with an Unreal Engine-based demo application of New Orleans for Windows PCs.

If the demo and the sample data meet your expectations and you have a project going on, please contact us and let us know the area of interest, the use case, and your requirements. Based on that, we will provide you with additional sample data, private beta access to the SDK and plugin, or more information. 

Further Information Regarding SYNTH3D’s geospatial platform also generates 3D airport models from airport ground charts and satellite imagery. These airport models contain runways, markings, towers and light systems and can be combined seemlessly with SYNTH3D terrains. Besides Unreal, SYNTH3D is available in various file formats like USD, OBJ, FBX, glTF, OpenFlight and many more to come. Get in contact with us if you have further questions or want to learn more about SYNTH3D via

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