generates a real-time, accurate, searchable, and photorealistic 3D digital twin of the entire planet.

The World of Flight Simulator

In 2020 enabled Microsoft’s Flight Simulator to display the entire world in 3D – with over 1.5 billion photorealistic buildings – giving users an unprecedented immersive 3D flight experience.

Real-time Synthetic 3D Planet is now applying its patented AI-driven world-building technology to wider industrial and enterprise applications – deriving semantic data from geospatial inputs and transforming them into accurate planet-scale synthetic 3D environments, for visualization, simulation, and human and sensor training.

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End-to-End Geospatial Platform

arrow globe data

We ingest and process a variety of satellite, aerial, DEM, and other geospatial data at global scale.

arrow Live Labeling

Patented Live Labeling offers anyone rapid ML training using a novel and highly efficient approach.

arrow GeoInt

Powerful and flexible AI-neural net detection and segmentation of objects and features on a global scale.

arrow Semantic

Machine-readable semantic digital twin provides real-time 3D reconstruction of planet surface infrastructure.

arrow Synthetic

Realistic synthetic sim and training environments in 3D, including terrain, buildings, vegetation, and more.

Live Labeling Technology

Our patented interactive semi-supervised data labeling solution performs simultaneous ML training and feature detection. The tool is optimized for rapid labeling of geospatial imagery, using a cloud-based or on-site installation. Our flexible technology allows for common, or custom private, feature training. Let us help you find your needle in the haystack.

Semantic Feature Detection technology detects features and specific assets at scale with unmatched speed and semantic accuracy – including buildings, biomes, and infrastructure. Even assets of your choice can be detected on a global scale, in either a cloud-based or on-site installation.

Semantic Synthetic 3D Environments

The geospatial platform automatically generates a 3D synthetic environment from processed input sources, on a regional, or even planetary scale. AI can be used to fill in missing attributes or enrich in a geo-typical or asset specific manner. Results can be exported into various formats for use in visualization, simulation, mapping, or mixed reality environments. Massive cloud-computing capability enables rapid updates at any time.

Satellite Imagery and DEM Synthetic 3D Environment

Airport Generator

Our specialized Airport Generator technology recreates any airport. Procedural technology offers photorealism down to the smallest details. The advanced material management system allows interactive night scene and light simulations, as well as supporting sophisticated sensor simulations, such as FLIR, LiDAR, or radar.

The geospatial simulation platform enables users to reconstruct the real world to support authentic simulation of challenging edge cases, scenarios, and conditions. Relevant metadata for efficient autonomous vehicle training is provided automatically.

Live Data Visualization

Detailed semantic data enables physical simulation and data queries on a global scale. Visualization of complex information and dynamic live data can reveal insights in a simplified and interactive way.

Scenario Generator

Automated rule-based scenario generator produces wide variety of  scene conditions and edge cases. The platform enables efficient sensor simulation and AV training on a global scale, including parametric, photorealistic and ML-ready, rule-based object placement, terrain synthesis, and endless automated scene variants.

The whole world in your hands