Skip to main content is presenting their end-to-end Geospatial Analytics and 3D Synthetic Environment Platform at I/ITSEC at the Microsoft booth #1973 in Orlando this year. If you are interested in geospatial intelligence or the future of synthetic training & simulation environments you should definitely stop by and talk to us.

We reconstructed the entire planet in photorealistic 3D based only on satellite data, as seen in the award-winning Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, and we have greatly enhanced our technology and extensive toolchain. This enables us to offer comprehensive end-to-end geospatial insights and 3D environments at scale.

The patented Live-Labeling tool allows super efficient data labelling for any kind of object type by combining semi-supervised learning plus instant visual feedback in a user interface as easy as it gets. Test it yourself how fast it is to label ships, buildings, roads or aircrafts with this tool in an interactive live demo at our booth.

Next-generation Synthetic Training Environment
We’ll be showing you examples of the future of synthetic training environments – a photorealistic 3D digital twin of our world, including semantic information and infinite detail. For the first time ever we are demoing our real-time generator for synthetic training data, placing objects such as aircrafts on airport runways, taxiways or gates to synthesize sensor ML training data in unlimited training scenarios. Attributes such as airport, aircraft types, time-of-day, sensor resolution or camera angle can be varied within given ranges easily and instantly.

Let’s consider airports as an example: there are unlimited amount of use cases possible using our scene generator to create synthetic training data, like changing the placement of objects, obstacles, weather conditions, time of day, and other parameters – we’re giving you the platform and the tools to place any object anywhere on the globe and develop your training and simulation scenarios.

Reach out to to book an exclusive session with the executives in our exhibitor suite, or stop by our booth at #1973 Microsoft.