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In a significant collaboration, AMST and came together to work on a human centrifuge project, specially constructed by AMST for an undisclosed client. This collaboration marked a step forward in the realm of flight simulation technology. 

A human centrifuge is designed to simulate the high-speed, high-G conditions experienced by fighter pilots. This device is critical in preparing pilots for the physical and psychological demands of high-G maneuvers, offering a safe yet realistic training environment. 

AMST human centrifuges offer the Dynamic Flight Simulation (DFS) training mode. DFS allows pilots to experience and adapt to the intense forces and conditions they will encounter in actual flight, improving their reaction times, decision-making skills, and overall flight performance.

At the core of the DFS is AMST’s own VISIM IG Image Generator, which provides an exceptionally realistic out-the-window view. Its advanced physically based rendering capabilities produce high-quality lights, shadows, and reflections, and it supports sensor modes like Infrared, enhancing the realism of the simulation. 

The project aimed to quickly create a detailed 3D model of a specific geographic region for inclusion in VISIM IG. This detailed model was essential for providing a realistic and immersive environment in the DFS within the centrifuge. 

AMST’s skills in aerospace simulation combined with’s expertise in creating 3D models using artificial intelligence significantly improved VISIM IG capabilities. Together, the two companies developed a high-quality, independent training environment that does not require a network connection. The environment was smoothly integrated into AMST’s VISIM IG with a Software Development Kit (SDK).

AMST centrifuge using AI technology for simulation.

The integration of’s technology into AMST’s VISIM IG not only enhanced its realism and performance but also showcased’s adaptability and innovation in AI-driven simulation solutions. 

Looking ahead, this collaboration opens up the possibility of rapidly providing detailed models for different areas in AMST’s VISIM IG. This capability is crucial for AMST’s extensive range of Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTDs) and could be beneficial for other simulator manufacturers.


About AMST 

For over 40 years, AMST has been a leader in simulation and aerospace medicine. They specialize in a wide array of technologies, from human centrifuges to immersive full-flight simulators equipped with their cutting-edge VISIM Image Generator. AMST’s commitment to innovation is evident in its comprehensive product range, which includes solutions designed to realistically simulate extreme flight conditions. Their dedication extends to providing a full-service package, ensuring ongoing support and expertise across the lifecycle of their products.


About is revolutionizing the way we visualize our world by reconstructing the entire globe in photorealistic 3D. As a leader in geospatial data analysis and visualization, employs AI-driven technology to transform satellite imagery into highly detailed digital environments. Renowned for their contributions to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, their platform is pivotal for various applications, including urban planning, simulation, and augmented reality, making them a vital player in the advancement of global mapping and visualization technologies. 

AMST centrifuge using AI technology for High G training

A human centrifuge, designed to simulate the high-speed, high-G conditions experienced by fighter pilots.