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Announcing the Launch of Metaverse Standards Forum with contributing as founding member

By Market, Solution, Tech is excited to be founding member of the newly formed Metaverse Standards Forum as announced on the official website today. There are several great standards to represent scenes and move data across environments, and we believe we can contribute to a more open “metaverse” or to interoperable “metaverses” by sharing our grammar that can be extended to describe objects in the real world. This ensures consistency and portability of how objects and their associated properties are represented across different implementations for metaverses. We look forward to working together with the members of this Forum.

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Synthetic Seattle Announces $20M Round of Funding

By Market, creator of first semantic 3D digital twin of entire Earth, announces $20M funding round led by Microsoft’s venture fund M12 and Point72 Ventures. Google Earth co-founder Brian McClendon, former Airbus Defense and Space CEO Dirk Hoke and CEO of Applied Intuition Qasar Younis join as advisors to the board

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Semantic Digital Twin Receives Epic Mega Grant

By Market to provide semantic, photorealistic 3D digital twin of the entire planet as plugin for Unreal Engine are the brains behind a vast open world and semantic 3D map as seen on TechCrunch. Accomplishing this global-scale 3D representation of our planet requires massive cloud computing, a novel approach to Artificial Intelligence for feature detection and procedural rendering technology, all combined creating a photorealistic 3D digital twin of our world, generated automatically from satellite imagery as input data only.

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