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BURLINGAME, CA / GRAZ, Austria; May 6th, 2024 – Following the successful launch of ORCA™HUNTR for general availability earlier this year, proudly announces that ORCA HUNTR is now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. is the first company to map every building on the entire planet in under 72 hours. Using AI applied to satellite imagery, the team identified 1.5 billion buildings and over 30 million km² of vegetation. Now, the ORCA HUNTR SaaS application is available immediately on AWS Marketplace making it easy and convenient for users to subscribe to the service. 

ORCA HUNTR is a revolutionary platform that lets anyone create AI models for object detection and classification with no code. These models can be used across various applications, such as ISR, operational planning, risk assessment, infrastructure monitoring, disaster response, and environmental stewardship, among many others


ORCA HUNTR simplifies the development process and enables anyone to quickly build and use AI for insights about which objects are present and where. Described as ‘as easy as using a crayon it delivers results in minutes or days compared to the weeks or months required by conventional approaches 

The results from ORCA HUNTR can be exported into standard file formats, facilitating seamless integration with new or existing GIS platforms and databases. The system’s scalable architecture supports high-frequency mapping and is essential for dynamic situations like situational awareness, public safety, or crisis management.

ORCA HUNTR’s versatility extends to various deployment options, including cloud, edge, hybrid, and air-gapped environments, ensuring it conforms to the most stringent data residency and security requirements. 

Key Features of ORCA HUNTR: 

  • Intuitive Object Detection and Classification: Simple user interface that empowers analysts to quickly achieve results.
  • Rapid Development, Immediate Results: Enables operations and analysis personnel to quickly create ad-hoc object detection models, recognizing unique, complex shapes and patterns in minutes with real-time feedback.
  • Multi-Sensor, Multi-Mode: Works on any RGB image regardless of resolution and acquisition method: aerial, satellite, drone, or digital camera.
  • Safe & Explainable AI: Maintains high standards of AI safety and transparency, involving a human in the loop for understandable and reliable outputs.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: Supports cloud, edge, hybrid, and secure, air-gapped environments to meet diverse operational needs. 

“We are excited to bring ORCA HUNTR to more industries and markets and expand on our success with mission-critical customers. The AWS Marketplace is a simple way for customers to get started with our revolutionary technology”.

Michael Putz,'s CEO

”Our product team has been working hard to bring game-changing simplicity to how people can tap into the power of AI and object detection, and now it’s even easier to get started!”

Gastao De Figueiredo, SVP Geospatial Intelligence Products at

About is revolutionizing the way we visualize our world by reconstructing the entire globe in photorealistic 3D. As a geospatial data analysis and visualization leader, employs AI-driven technology to transform satellite imagery into highly detailed digital environments. Renowned for their contributions to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, their platform is pivotal for various applications, including urban planning, simulation, and augmented reality, making them a vital player in the advancement of global mapping and visualization technologies.