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Eagle 3D Streaming and are thrilled to announce that they are teaming up to provide a geospatial 3D digital twin that can be experienced in any web browser. specializes in generating a real-time, realistic, and semantic 3D digital twin of the entire planet.

This collaboration is relevant and good news for many companies and industries, as it allows everyone to experience any location on the surface of the globe in photorealistic 3D in every web browser based on Eagle 3D Streaming’s pixel streaming technology.

Let’s explore more about possesses a real-time photorealistic 3D digital twin of the entire world. Their geospatial platform utilizes machine learning algorithms to extract valuable insights about the planet’s infrastructure from current satellite and aerial imagery on a global scale. By employing artificial intelligence, missing attributes are enriched to create a photorealistic, geo-typical digital twin. These results can be utilized for visualization, simulation, mapping, mixed reality environments, and other enterprise solutions. The massive cloud-computing capability of enables rapid updates at any time. possesses a real-time photorealistic 3D digital twin of the entire world.

Here are a few solutions provided by SYNTH3D is a synthetic but realistic 3D replica of the surface of our planet derived from Maxar Vivid – a current, color-corrected and high-resolution global set of 2D satellite imagery. SYNTH3D | Paris, France SYNTH3D | Paris, France’s global 3D maps, including buildings with accurate heights, vegetation coverage, and more, can be streamed through Eagle 3D Streaming. Users can access highly detailed 3D city models, allowing them to explore building volumes, rooftop reconstructions, tree positions, and other features.

About the Eagle 3D Streaming and Team-up: 

Eagle 3D Streaming enables the global deployment of Unreal Game Engine based applications within minutes through their self-serve pixel streaming platform. The digital twin of the world experienced via the Globe Plugin for Unreal Engine leveraging can now be seamlessly streamed through the Eagle’s platform. With its flexibility and unique feature updates, Eagle 3D Streaming ensures high visualization quality during the data streaming process. This collaboration allows customers using the digital twin platform to experience a realistic view without any delays or compromises. This integration provides benefits such as real-time visualization, high-quality visuals, seamless access, collaboration, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and enhanced accessibility. This integration empowers users to fully leverage the potential of the digital twin for analysis, decision-making, and collaborative efforts.


“’s partnership with Eagle 3D Streaming has been a game-changer. Their pixel streaming technology superbly complements our 3D digital twin, offering users a seamless, photorealistic experience of any global location directly in their web browsers. This collaboration is not just an innovation but a leap forward in making advanced digital twin technology like SYNTH3D accessible and scalable.”
Hannes Walter, VP Product Management – 3D Simulation Environments,


How does Eagle 3D Streaming Technology enhance the real-time visualization capabilities of the digital twin platform?


Eagle 3D Streaming Platform, enables real-time streaming and visualization of the Digital Twin model. This integration allows users to access and interact with the digital twin in a dynamic and responsive manner, facilitating better understanding and data analysis.

    • The Eagle 3D Streaming Platform prioritizes delivering high-quality visuals, ensuring that users can experience the Digital Twin Platform with impressive graphics and intricate details. This emphasis on visual fidelity enhances the realism of the digital twin, enabling more informed decision-making and analysis.
    • One of the key advantages of streaming through our platform is the seamless access it provides to the Digital Twin data. Users can effortlessly access the platform without the need to download or install large files or complex software. This eliminates barriers to entry and enables quick and easy access from various devices.
    • The collaborative features of the Eagle 3D Streaming Platform facilitate collaboration and sharing within the Digital Twin data. Multiple users can simultaneously access and interact with the digital twin, fostering teamwork, knowledge sharing, and collective decision-making.
    • Eagle 3D Streaming Platform, offers cost-effectiveness for the users of, as it eliminates the requirement for high-end hardware or powerful computing devices to run resource-intensive digital twin applications. The processing power and rendering capabilities are offloaded to the server, reducing hardware requirements and associated costs.
    • Scalability is another advantage provided by pixel streaming platforms like the Eagle 3D Streaming Platform. The digital twin model can accommodate a large number of users and scale according to demand. This scalability is particularly beneficial when multiple users or teams need simultaneous access and collaboration within the digital twin environment.
    • Pixel streaming enhances the accessibility of the data to the whole world. Users can access the platform from anywhere with an internet connection, enabling remote work and empowering users to leverage the capabilities of the digital twin regardless of their physical location.

The team-up between Eagle 3D Streaming and brings together cutting-edge technology and a seamless streaming experience, enhancing the possibilities for users of the digital twin platform. Through the collaboration, Eagle 3D Streaming facilitates the seamless streaming of’s data, ensuring that users can access the most recent and updated information. Automated updates enable users to leverage the latest data for their applications.
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