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Using advanced AI and patented technology applied to global satellite imagery, Blackshark has built SYNTH3DTM – a 3D digital replica of all the buildings on the planet, along with vegetation, biomes, infrastructure, and more. Users of this technology have access to underlying semantic information about object properties like dimensions, geolocation, and materials to leverage in more precise simulation scenarios.

NVIDIA Omniverse is a computing platform built on the Universal Scene Description (USD) framework enabling the development of connected 3D workflows. Roboticists can train, simulate, test and deploy AI-enabled intelligent machines with increased scalability and accessibility. Autonomous vehicle engineers can generate physically based sensor data and simulate traffic scenarios to test a variety of road and weather conditions for safe self-driving deployment. Industrial teams can assemble and compose virtually integrated assets like factories and warehouses to achieve digitalization.

Developed jointly by Maxar and, SYNTH3D allows developers and creators to simulate and visualize 3D environments representative of real-world locations where aesthetics and performance are key to commercial and government applications. This 3D replica of the entire globe is available in a visually pleasing and highly compatible USD format that is representative of the geographic and building features of a given area.

Blackshark with NVIDIA is making free SYNTH3D samples of areas of the globe available to allow developers to experiment and prototype simulations leveraging digital terrain from Blackshark into NVIDIA Omniverse.

“We are excited about this next step in our collaboration with NVIDIA, and we believe our capabilities, coupled with the Omniverse platform, will empower developers to build real-world simulations with greater accuracy and ease,” said Michael Putz, CEO of

The samples are provided in USD format, which is natively supported by Omniverse and can be visualized and used in the Omniverse environment. In addition to the samples of various regions in different sizes, any location on the globe can be easily provided for Omniverse with’s geospatial platform. The next step after the static USD exports will be to develop an Omniverse Connector, allowing streaming in the entire globe into Omniverse.

“Everything that moves will one day be autonomous, and everything that is autonomous will be simulated,” said Paul Cutsinger, director of Omniverse Exchange at NVIDIA.“The Blackshark 3D digital twin in Omniverse will unlock powerful scenarios and geospatial capabilities in the industrial metaverse for our ecosystem of developers and partners all over the world.”

SYNTH3D is widely used for various planning, simulation and visualization use cases by industries including energy, utility, city planning, gaming, and media and entertainment. Let us know more about what you plan to do based on SYNTH3D in NVIDIA Omniverse!

You can access the NVIDIA announcement on the NVIDIA Omniverse expansion and NVIDIA Connectors here:

Montepulciano exported in USD from SYNTH3D

Image: Montepulciano exported in USD from SYNTH3D

Lafayette exported in USD from SYNTH3D

Image: Lafayette exported in USD from SYNTH3D

3D model of an area in Maryland exported in USD from SYNTH3D

Image: 3D model of an area in Maryland exported in USD from SYNTH3D

Lafayette exported in USD from SYNTH3D

Image: Lafayette exported in USD from SYNTH3D