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ORCA™HUNTR won the Award as one of the Best Products for Product Managers. Follow @productscount @mightycapital and @capgemini on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see all the highlights from the Product Awards.

GRAZ, AUSTRIA — 13th March 2024 – announced today that it has been named a Top AI & Data product in the 2024 Product Awards. The 7th Annual Product Awards, presented by Products That Count in partnership with Mighty Capital and Capgemini, is the only awards program designed to celebrate the tools that help Product Managers build great products.

Nominees are chosen by Products That Count’s product manager network, and winners are chosen by an independent Awards Advisory Board composed of top product leaders. This year’s Board included product leaders from companies like Bank of America, Amazon’s Twitch, and S&P Global.

ORCA HUNTR - no code environment for object detection and classification in minutes
ORCA HUNTR screenshot: Ship detection and classification

ORCA™HUNTR  is a revolutionary no-code environment that enables anyone to train, test and exploit AI/ML-powered object detection and classification, which can be applied to a variety of scenarios, including ISR, operational planning, infrastructure monitoring, disaster response and emergency management, site scouting and environmental stewardship.

“Great tools are the Product Manager’s secret weapon,” said SC Moatti, founding CEO of Products That Count, “essential for staying ahead in the competitive market landscape. I congratulate on defining product excellence in 2024 and beyond.”

“We are thrilled to be recognized with this award, it underscores our vision of empowering users everywhere to harness the power of AI to detect and classify objects to serve their business purposes. We couldn’t have done this without the strong partnerships we have in place and we would like to thank the Awards Advisory Board for this honor” Gastao De Figueiredo, SVP, GM Geospatial Intelligence.

Learn more about all of the AI & Data winners at the 2024 Product Awards here:

About is at the forefront of revolutionizing global visualization and geospatial intelligence. By reconstructing the globe in photorealistic 3D and creating a digital twin of Earth, we employ cutting-edge AI to transform satellite imagery into detailed digital environments. Renowned for our work on Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2020, our technology is essential for urban planning, simulation, augmented reality, and more. Leveraging AI and satellite technology for object detection and training, provides valuable insights, reshaping decision-making across industries.

About the product awards

The 7th annual Product Awards, produced by Products That Count in partnership with Capgemini and Mighty Capital, celebrate the best products for product managers, chosen by product leaders. Based on insights from thousands of product managers, the Product Awards showcase product managers’ favorite products within categories as defined by our independent Awards Advisory Board, 25 product leaders committed to pushing forward the product conversation. Learn more at