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We proudly announce that was selected to participate in the first AWS European Defence Accelerator.

AWS European Defence Accelerator is designated to enhance the European Defence industry. The top startups, interested in doing business with defence and national security organizations across Europe, will receive technical, business, and mentorship support to extend their operational knowledge. The program is delivered in collaboration with Plexal and consists of mentorship, networking opportunities, access to AWS computing credits and special training.

“I congratulate and all those selected to participate in the AWS European Defence Accelerator. With the tech sector’s support, there is an opportunity for defence ministries and multilateral organizations to build a unique level of engagement with commercial, non-traditional defence companies. The AWS European Defence Accelerator will help facilitate this type of connection and cooperation,  enabling customers to solve problems using the power of technology,” said Cameron Brooks, AWS Director (Europe).

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“We are very excited to provide’s High-Frequency Mapping and Change Detection capabilities as a fully integrated service through the AWS European Defense Accelerator very soon,” said Michael Putz, CEO of

The acceleration of the first cohort of 13 startups is intended to elevate energy resilience, secure information sharing, sensing and decision making, and quantum and cyber resilience for mission-critical needs for land, air, maritime, space, and cyber domains in Europe.

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