Skip to main content SYNTH3D is a georeferenced 3D digital replica of the entire planet, featuring terrain, buildings, and vegetation. is making its SYNTH3D available in NVIDIA Omniverse

Several SYNTH3D samples of areas will be available on NVIDIA Omniverse in USD format. Currently available as a static USD export, in the future, the samples will be streamed into the Omniverse with the help of the Omniverse Connector, as was announced at the NVIDIA GTC Keynote. SYNTH3D samples will allow developers to experiment and prototype simulations, leveraging digital terrain from into the computing platform NVIDIA Omniverse. Read more about the NVIDIA Omniverse, SYNTH3D Samples, and Omniverse connector in our blog post.

Read more and Maxar launch SYNTH3D Digital Twin for Metaverse, Simulation and Virtual Reality Applications and Maxar launch SYNTH3D Digital Twin for Metaverse, Simulation and Virtual Reality Applications during MWC in Barcelona

Maxar Technologies announced the availability of SYNTH3D, a high-performance, geotypical 3D representation of the entire planet for gaming, simulation, entertainment, virtual reality (VR), smart city and metaverse. Developed through a partnership between Maxar Technologies and, SYNTH3D allows developers and creators to simulate and visualize 3D environments representative of real-world locations where aesthetics and performance are key to commercial and government applications. Read the announcement below.

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Unreal Engine-based demo application of New Orleans for Windows PCs SYNTH3DTM demo package of New Orleans

The Globe Plugin for Unreal Engine gives you access to SYNTH3D data. Everyone interested in getting a taste of‘s synthetically reconstructed 3D terrain can simply register and will get a SYNTH3D demo package of New Orleans for Windows PCs. SYNTH3D Globe for Unreal Engine provides a realistic, georeferenced, real-world 3D environment derived from current satellite and aerial imagery. With the Globe Plugin and SDK for Unreal, everyone can easily use and integrate SYNTH3D Globe into their Epic Games UE5-based projects. Synthetic, realistic 3D replica of the surface of our planet for georeferenced, real-world, large-scale simulation, training, and visualization applications.
Request demo application of New Orleans Globe SDK 1.9 available in private beta Globe SDK 1.9 available in private beta

The Globe SDK for Flight Simulation in version 1.9 is available in private beta.
Blackshark SDK 1.10 + Plugin for UE 5.1.1

    • Improved building night-time rendering
    • Networking performance increased
    • Improved pre-caching tool speed and usability
Unfortunately, the SDK is still not publicly available so the “External Link” on the Unreal Engine marketplace is referring you to our Unreal Engine request page. After providing us with your contact details you will get a download link to the New Orleans demo.
Request demo application of New Orleans

Past Events is All In for Expanding Beyond Defense S&T is All In
for Expanding Beyond
Defense S&T

Our Senior Vice President for Strategic Partnerships, Gastao De Figueiredo gave an interview with the Group Editor Marty Kauchak from Halldale Group about the present and future of In this first episode of The Disrupter Series, Gastao D. Insights on what makes us one of the simulation and training industry innovators, disrupting the market. Read and watch the interview below.

Interview with Halldale
Our SVP Strategic Partnerships, Gastao De Figueiredo, visit the DGI - Defence Geospatial Intelligence 2023 in London last month.

Defence Geospatial

Our SVP Strategic Partnerships, Gastao De Figueiredo, visit the DGI – Defence Geospatial Intelligence 2023 in London last month.
“The power of geospatial intelligence and AI and machinelearning coming together with 3D graphics to deliver high-performance, photorealistic digital twins can help multiple industries and governments to address challenging global issues.”‘s SVP Strategic Partnerships, Gastao De Figueiredo said.

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MWC Barcelona


This year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) event convened over 88,500 attendees from 202 countries and territories, including policymakers and business leaders from the mobile ecosystem and beyond. The aim of this bustling event in one of Europe’s most pioneering cities is to unlock the full power of connectivity and collaborate with partners, new potential customers, thought leaders, and business decision-makers to continue evolving the telco space.  

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Eagle 3D Streaming’s "Opportunities With Pixel Streaming

Eagle 3D Streaming’s “Opportunities With Pixel Streaming”

Quintin Anderson (Eagle 3D Streaming), Mark Hamilton, LEED AP (JLL Technologies), Stephanie Muhlenfeld (The Squad Nation), Hannes Walter (, and Matthew Shouse (Theia Interactive) discussed the evolution of pixel streaming applications, lessons from projects, the key metrics from development to Go-Live, UE5, and recommendations for successful use of advanced streaming features and benchmarking, and many other things.
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Space: A Market Map

A Market Map

Great overview of the Space Market by Andreessen Horowitz prepared a great overview of the Space Market, listing some of the most exciting innovations from Launch to Space Habitation and in between, including as a part of the Remote Sensing Cluster. Access the Space Market Overview below.

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Rising Geospatial Data Science Com

Rising Geospatial Data Science Companies

Thanks, Omdena, for featuring as one of the 34 Rising Geospatial Data Science Companies to Watch in 2023!  Our SYNTH3D data is perfectly suited for geospatial training, simulation, visualization applications, and the industrial metaverse. On top of that, our geoINT engine for fast ML detection model training provides you with all the insights you need.
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